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Prince with Benefits

After a bad breakup, Emily moves across the world to find herself. Getting involved in a relationship is the last thing she wants, but that changes when she meets a handsome stranger, who's perfect in every way, except one thing: he's the Prince of England.
Prince with Benefits is a contemporary fairy tale filled with the delights and dramas of falling in love with the man of everyone's dreams.

+ 107M reads on Wattpad

Sobre mí
About me

En 2011, publiqué mi primera historia en Wattpad, jamás imaginé que cambiaría mi vida.  Desde entonces he escrito varias novelas, algunas  historias cortas.

He tenido la oportunidad de escribir artículos comisionados para publicaciones como National Geographic y la marca H&M.

Soy una soñadora y romántica empedernida. Me gusta escribir historias dulces y emocionales que te conmoverán, te harán reír y llorar.

Mis lectores han creído en mí y me han ayudado a continuar con mi sueño, y siempre tendrán mi agradecimiento. 

In 2011, I published my first story on Wattpad, and I never imagined it would change my life.  Since then, I have written several novels and some short stories.

I've had the opportunity to write commissioned articles for publications like National Geographic and the H&M brand.

I am a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. I like to write sweet and emotional stories that will move you, and will make you laugh and cry.

My readers have believed in me and helped me pursue my dream, and they will always have my gratitude.

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